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AAPM 2016 Annual Meeting
Supporting Healthcare and Medical Physics Around the World With Collaborative Teaching
Review Course Sprawls Topics

2016 International Conference on Radiation Medicine, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Magnetic Resonance Image Quality and Artifacts

It All Begins With Imaging, If You Can't See It, You Can't Diagnose or Treat It
The Digital Dilemma

AAPM 2015 Annual Meeting
Developing Effective Medical Physics Knowledge Structures, Models and Methods

SEAAPM 2015 Annual Meeting, Raleigh, NC
Clinically Embedded Physics Education: A Major Factor in Image Quality Assurance and Dose Management
Related Online Modules
CT Image Quality Optimization and Dose Management
Mammography Physics and Technology for Effective Clinical Imaging
Visuals for Class/Conference Discussions
Computed Tomography Physics
Mammography Physics


Refresher Course 823  presented at the RSNA 2014
Clinically Focused Physics Education Principles to Practice.
Perry Sprawls, Ph.D. and Phuong-Anh T. Duong, M.D.

AAPM 2014 Annual Meeting Sprawls Presentations
A Collaborative Model of Medical Physics Education (Education Council Symposium)
Enriching Medical Physics Education by Visualizing the Invisible (Innovations in Medical Physics Education)
Effective Medical Physics Educational Activities Models and Methods (Practical Physics Course)

SEAAPM Symposium 2014
Informatics for Medical Physics Education
References for Additional Viewing

Radiology Noon Conference, January 28, 2014
Clinical MRI Quality Assessment and Optimization

Reference Textbook: Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Principles, Techniques, and Methods


AAPM 2013 Annual Meeting Sprawls Presentations
The Elements of A Highly Effective Educational Session

Physics Education To Enhance CT Image Quality and Dose Management

CT Image Quality and Dose Optimization - Online Module

WNCIEEE and OLLI, May 14, 2013
Medical Imaging Science and Technology
Understanding What Your Doctor Might Be Recommending

SEAAPM Annual Meeting, April 27-28, 2013
Optimizing CT Image Quality and Dose Management

CT Image Quality and Dose Optimization - Online Module

Radiology Noon Conference, December 5, 2012
Medical Image Quality and Dose Optimization in the Digital Era: Clinically Focused Issues

AAPM 2012 Annual Meeting Sprawls Presentations

Effective Medical Imaging Physics Education Practical Medical Physics Course

Medical Physics Education for Society, Adults   Education Council Symposium

Enhancing Medical Physics Education on a Global Basis with Shared Resources  Innovations in Education Symposium

The physical Principles of Medical Imaging. Sprawls


Education Development and Creativity
A Model for Retirement Enhanced Creativity